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Crisis Intervention

for Adolescents

If you need it

there is help a few clicks away

058 384 66  66

Information, Emergency and Triage Center - KANT is available around the clock, including weekends and holidays, at +41 58 384 66 66.

The emergency consultation/emergency presentation always takes place at:

KANT Crisis, Assessment, Emergency and Triage Center Clinic for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Neumünsterallee 3, Zurich


You can come to us directly.

We cannot move out. Safe transportation to KANT must be guaranteed. If you are unable to be transported, please contact the emergency psychiatrist or emergency physician in your area.

0800 33 66 55

Ärztefon, your emergency number for non-life threatening emergencies. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Medical emergency service



The counsellors of Pro Juventute are there for you when you are in crisis. You can talk to them about anything. Young people who are worried about others can also get counselling.



Emergency numbers

What is an emergency? If you're having a mental health crisis and you're stuck, it's an emergency. If you are even thinking about harming yourself, we are here to help you - even if the situation seems hopeless.

Advice + help

Pro Juventute helps you in times of crisis by phone and chat. You can also discover various contents on the website

Information Center

Find places in your area that offer services for young people with problems and questions. You can get help by phone or on-site.

Support and assistance for at-risk youth, parents and professionals


043 268 22 66

The Schluupfhuus in Zurich is there for you if you don't know what to do.

Gender Identity


 Here you can find answers to questions about sexual and romantic orientation and gender identity.

Domestic violence


044 341 49 45

079 478 46 79 

Mädchenhaus, "the Girls' House" supports girls between the ages of 14 and 20 who have experienced violence in the family.

Crisis advice for children and young people

Kokon Counseling Center is there for you by phone or on site if you need someone to talk to.

Health platform for young people

 On feel-ok you will find information, self-tests, and links to other Internet sites on various health topics. There is also information for professionals and parents. 

Information + Tips website


The site offers tips on how to start a conversation about well-being. What to do to keep feeling well when you're not feeling well or when you're worried about someone.

Centre for victim support

Okey Winterthur

052 245 04 04 

OKey Winterthur, specialist centre for victim support, counselling and child protection. The centre is there for you if you are stuck and need someone to talk to.

Emergency shelter center

Nemo Notschlafstelle

Provides shelter, protection and safety to youth and young adults in emergency situations

Victim support


044 360 90 40

Counselling and Information Centre for Sexually Exploited Children and Adolescents.

Information & advice

Institut Kinderseele Schweiz

The Institut Kinderseele Schweiz offers information and counseling on the topic of children of mentally ill parents.



If you have been under a lot of pressure for a long time and you are not feeling well. Then speak up. In these difficult moments, it is important to talk to a professional and get help.

You can call anytime on +41 58 384 66 66.

Helpful websites

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